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'Ari' (featuring 'Toggi') - Anthem (single)

There's just time today for a mention of a track by one of our favourite 'Indie' musicians, 'Ari' from Iceland, whom we've featured a couple of times previously, most recently when he released his album 'Radikoj', the follow up to the equally enjoyable 'Frae'.

In his most recent release, he's teamed up with fellow Icelandic musician 'Toggi' in a single entitled 'Anthem', which was written by 'Ari and sung by 'Toggi. And its a lovely track, with Toggi sounding a tiny bit 'John Grantesque' (if there's such a thing) in the early stages, and some equally appealing string / instrumental arrangements later in the song too.

Take a listen to 'Anthem' here:

We hope to feature both artists sometime again in the future. 'Toggi' hasn't released anything in his own right for quite some time (although he has sung on some Ari tracks), but we look forward to writing about him one day in the near or distant future. His albums 'Puppy' and 'Wonderful Secrets' are pretty easy to find on Spotify and well worth listening to.

Visit Ari on Facebook here, and Toggi here!

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