Introducing... Bone Moon with debut track 'Thresher'

Antti from Koria Kitten Riot did us a huge favour when he recommended the debut release from Bone Moon in his interview a few weeks ago, as it was a useful kick up the backside given that we'd completely missed it ourselves. We even missed the feature in the king of all Finnish music blogs 'One Chord to Another', although in our defence it did all launch just when we'd closed down for a week or so for the May holidays. Enough excuses, for Bone Moon is the newly launched project for Finnish singer-songwriter Lauri Myllymäki, who had previously fronted the much loved Ochre Room - their back catalogue is still really recommended by the way. We'd been really looking forward to news of Lauri's s

Unnveig Aas - beautifully written Folk Pop

Over the summer vacation, we're trying to point readers in the direction of Artists / Bands we haven't featured before in Nordic Music Review, but not go into one of our hugely detailed reviews - just let everyone find out more for themselves if they like the video or music link we embed. Anyway we came across Unnveig Aas when going through the line up for this years Øyafestivalen, she's an Oslo based singer songwriter who is probably known to some of our Norwegian readers, but possibly not so many in the UK, as looking at her historical gigs I can't find any reference to her playing here. Anyway her music is well worth checking out, she writes Folk Pop with a country influence, but I like t

'Shy Shy Shy' - quirky Indie Pop from Denmark

After featuring Masasolo, who played recently at the Roskilde Festival, we're delighted to also point you in the direction of Copenhagen based 'Shy Shy Shy', who quite simply write upbeat Indie Pop music with quirky catchy melodies. We've really enjoyed listening to them over the last week. 'Shy Shy Shy' is based around the duo of Astrid Cordes and Simon Kjeldgaard, although other musicians join them for live performances, The band were formed 2 years ago, and it's mainly this year that they've made a real impression, performing at Spot Festival, as well as Roskilde and even at the Xpo North festival in Inverness. Their debut EP was released last year, and it contains 5 tracks, and it has pl

Electric Eye - Liverpool Psych Festival

We've mentioned Electric Eye a few times on Twitter this year, but whilst we're on our summer vacation thought we'd drop in something on the website, and point you in the direction of their forthcoming performance at the Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia ( on the 24th September. For those of you that don't know, they're another band from Bergen, and they play psych rock with a real intensity - their album 'Different Sun', which was released early this year, is highly recommended. We had reports from people at 'by:Larm' on how good they were live, so it's great they're coming to Liverpool Psych Festival, which in previous years has seen perfor

Introducing... 'Sofa Pets'

No album reviews for the next week whilst we take a summer vacation, so instead we'll try and do a short introduction on some days to a band we haven't featured before in Nordic Music Review, and we'll start that ball rolling with 'Sofa Pets', Sofa Pets are from Helsinki, and we've spotted their name a few times on Gig listings, because they played a gig with the brilliant '23:23', and they also had a gig with 'Love Sport' and another Finnish band we must write about one day, 'Merries'. They released their self titled debut EP early last year, and its quirky Indie Pop, with slightly jangly guitars, and it's simply really good and upbeat music to listen to. More recently they released 'Let Me

Cats of Transnistria - new video 'Displacement'

We featured Cats of Transnistria briefly last year, but unfortunately didn't really have time for a full review of their album 'Divine' which was released on Soliti earlier this year, and which gets a full worldwide digital release this week. The Finnish band have made a real impression with the unique perspectives and visions that they create through their music, which is dreamily dark, intense and powerful. Their latest video is for the track 'Displacement' , almost 11 minutes long, and I've found myself completely absorbed in both the sounds and the video. It builds with a really intensity, and captures really effectively the bands vision of 'wanting to be anywhere else than here and of t

Pastiche - 'It Feels Like' EP

We love getting submissions sent directly through to us, so much good music has reached us that way over the last 2 years, whether it's been The Stillwalkers or Giant Giant, and we do listen to everything that's sent. Among the latest batch of emails was a debut EP by Danish band 'Pastiche', and whilst the music hasn't reached the immediate dizzy brilliance of either of those Finnish bands, 'It Feels Like' is a really likeable and well written debut which we're delighted to feature. 'Pastiche' are another product of an excellent Aarhus music scene, and have a classic 4 piece band set up. The opening track of 'It Feels Like' is 'Old Bones', and it has a vitality and dynamism with tight, intri

Pascal Pinon - new tracks, album soon....

I'm really not going to write much about Pascal Pinon, as I'm sure we'll review the album at the end of August when it comes out, and anyway those that are really keen can look on their Facebook page and find things published in other excellent places (such as Ja Ja Ja). Bizarrely I came across the track '53' when having a quick search for random new stuff on Bandcamp one evening, and only today when I've come to write a few words about it, I've spotted the release of the second track from the forthcoming album 'Sundur' too. For those that haven't come across them previously, Pascal Pinon is comprised of two sisters, Ásthildur and Jófríõur Ákadóttir (the latter also in Samaris), and this wi

Star of Heaven - 'Vinter 2015'

We gave 'Star of Heaven' a couple of mentions on Twitter a couple of months back, but we never actually featured them on the website, so we'll correct that right now. They're an instrumental Post Rock band from Sweden, but actually their music is very different from the majority of post rock bands out there right now, as their music is based on subtle, melodic and atmospheric writing. Their album 'Vinter 2015' was released at the beginning of the year, and it's 7 tracks, with most tracks being between 5 and 7 minutes long. The strength of this album is quite simply in its musicality, right with the beginning of 'Track 1' (there are no titles) we're offered a melodic tune played out by piano

Masasolo - dreamy tunes from Denmark

Last year we did a bit of a feature on some of the new Danish bands that played at the prestigious Roskilde festival, and this year we'll feature 3 bands that caught our eye from the line-up a few weeks ago. Masasolo are the first of those, and what i really like about this band is that there is lovely effortless feel to their music (although it's obviously not effortless at all...) based around a traditional 4 piece band writing great dreamy tunes in what i would describe as a 'warped indie' style - but which understandably has been described as psychedelic pop by others. They only have 2 tracks released right now, so the best thing to do is listen for yourself. This is 'Really Thought Sh

Júníus Meyvant - 'Floating Harmonies'

After a couple of weeks listening to 'The Culture In Memoriam' and their album 'History's Dust', it's probably done me the world of good to listen to something that is very different both musically and lyrically, and Júníus Meyvant's debut album 'Floating Harmonies' has therefore been perfect. Whilst the instrumentation and arrangements are probably equally complex in both albums, Meyvant's musical outputs comparatively feel like the finest polished marble - the tracks are sleek, sophisticated and highly refined. And it is a rewarding, immaculately written album too, which i think will have widespread appeal. We've covered Júníus Meyvant a few times in passing at Nordic Music Review, and 'F

Not Nordic - featuring Wang Wen, Amber Arcades, The Dowling Poole, Peaness, Oeil, Knifeworld and Off

We promise we're not going to bombard you with lots of non Nordic stuff, but just occasionally we want to highlight some of our favourite non Nordic music, and give some credit to some of the excellent blogs / websites we read which have music from around the world. So here's 7 recommended bands / artists, literally from all 4 'corners' of the globe: WANG WEN Wang Wen from China fit within the 'Mogwai' mold, expansive mostly instrumental music, which you can get utterly lost in. There is a significant back catalogue of albums to get your teeth into, and they have just recently completed a collaboration with cinematographer Cheng Ran to produce a soundtrack to a nine hour film he's created. T

July Interview: KORIA KITTEN RIOT!

With a new album imminent, Antti Reikko from Finnish Indie band Koria Kitten Riot has been speaking to Nordic Music Review about their recent single, new material and the dark but comic inspirations behind their songwriting. NMR: Your recent single 'The Laughing Man' has been out for a while, and we love it, can you tell us more about what the track is about? "Certainly! It’s about envy, and it’s roughly inspired by one of my favourite films, Amadeus, directed by Miloš Forman and written by Peter Shaffer, who recently passed away. The film’s about the (fictional) rivalry between the composers Salieri and Mozart, and the mediocrity Salieri is forced to face in himself, compared to the prodigi

Øyvind Weiseth - new single 'Hold On'

We're delighted to update you on the latest release from Øyvind Weiseth, who we wrote about towards the end of last year. Oyvind is one of the 'crowd' of Norwegian musicians studying at the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts, and joins 'I See Rivers', Mari Hajem and more recently Asmodean to be featured in Nordic Music Review. The thing that intrigues me about Øyvind is his versatility as a songwriter, and similarly to some of the other young musicians we've featured (Mani Orrason from Iceland is probably a great example), his early releases have covered quite a range of styles. However i have a feeling that his latest single 'Hold On' is his most naturally instinctive to date. It's a me

The Culture In Memoriam - 'History's Dust'

This is the 2nd attempt to write a review of Swedish band 'The Culture in Memoriam', my 1st attempt was even longer and more bloated, self indulgent and written in post Brexit frustration, with simmering anger and sadness at the murder of Jo Cox. But in many ways it probably wasn't too far off the mark, as writing a frustrated review about a band who write music laced with frustration and anger was kind of appropriate. And after all, there are so many albums that we remember not just for the music but for the time period we listen to them, and actually 'History's Dust' has helped me through the last few weeks, simply because I feel I can identify with it. This is 'The Culture in Memoriam's'

Round Up.... Ash & Iron, Burning Hearts, Stilk, Timshel

As always there's far more releases than we can find time to cover, so here's a round up of a wide range of releases we've come across in the last few weeks, but just haven't had chance to write about in too much detail... ASH & IRON - 'When The Storm Comes' (album) Swedish band Ash & Iron have released an intense and intimate album entitled 'When the Storm Comes' which was released at the end of May when we were on vacation. The band was formed in 2014 by John Berneli, but has expanded to include Petter Bengtsson (also of Case Conrad) guitarist Kristofer Bergman and Sara Runberg on bass and violin. It is an Indie Folk album that has been meticulously crafted, handed woven and that has some

Slaughter Beach - single 'Glaze'

We've mentioned Slaughter Beach a few times on Twitter, but i don't think we've ever formally mentioned them on this website, so here's a quick belated update on their latest release. The Danish trio first came to our attention last year with an excellent EP entitled 'Love/Venice' and a UK gig, and their latest track 'Glaze' has resulted in some high praise from various music publications and even some airplay on Radio 1. New single 'Glaze' has been on our playlists for a few weeks now, and it's a glistening dream pop track with laid back vocals and intertwined guitar hooks which are perfect for the hazy summer nights - at least for those of you who are getting glimpses of summer... Anyway b

New Band - Metapod

It was great to be able to update everyone with the new single from 'The Holy' earlier, and it reminded me of their early 'demo' we spotted a year or so ago, raw sounding but blisteringly good. So always on the look out for submissions of a similar nature, we're delighted to introduce you to 'Metapod', a new Swedish band with a post punk feel, that have just 2 tracks online right now. The thing i like about Metapod in particular is the great instrumental noise that they make, which has a real intensity to it. The 1st track 'Anubis' has an opening which takes some really good influences from a wide range of rock genres, goth to punk, with a fuzzy haze of guitars and a good bass line too. Ok

New Band: Asmodean, with single 'Bound to Fail'

We’re particularly delighted to bring Norwegian band ‘Asmodean’ to your attention as we like their debut track ‘Bound to Fail’, and because the band is (at least currently) UK based in Liverpool, whilst its members study at Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts – home to a whole stream of great Norwegian talent featured on this website previously. Among Asmodean's band members is Nils Martin, who we particularly like not just because he supported Sara Forslund at the Nordic Music Review gig last October, but also because he told us at that gig that he likes Major Parkinson…. ‘Asmodean’ play a heavier blend of rock than we’ve recently featured, but I really like their debut releases ‘Bound t

The Holy - new single 'Ramses The Evil Brother'

We're trying to get out of the habit of featuring new singles from bands we've only recently written about, but we'll always make an exception for 'The Holy' who have intrigued us ever since we randomly came across them online a year or so ago. Last time we wrote about their single 'This will be the Day that I Die', but were still wondering exactly what direction their music would go in, and maybe the new single 'Ramses The Evil Brother' gives us a clue. It's a rampant upbeat 4 minutes of noise, taking on a wide range of influences, but rhythmically somewhere in between early Arcade Fire and Steve Reich's 'Music for Pieces of Wood' (yes really.... go check). It firmly puts to bed any worrie

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