NORDIC MUSIC REVIEW LIVE! Major Parkinson, Jarle Skavhellen and Freyr Flodgren (with thanks to Submi

If truth be told, I had no idea what to call this post and I've already changed the heading at least 4 times, but we have LIVE UK GIGS to tell you about and we've volunteered to help organise, promote and partially sponsor them - here's how it's happened:.... I guess this post has to start with a brief story of Nordic Music Review, which as we've established before, is all the fault of Moddi. Clearly I'd blame him for Climate Change and Brexit too if I could, but that seems a little harsh, so we'll stick to the responsibility for our music website. Our favourite Norwegian songwriter came to the UK 4 years ago and played a series of dates which included the lovely but very tiny Castle Hotel i

'Weaver' - with new track 'Whatever Seems Less Wrong'

One of our favourite new artist introductions from last year was for the Swedish artist 'Weaver' when he released a lovely track entitled 'Boxes', which had just the best video to go alongside it, and which went on to stream over 100,000 times. Anyway the good news is that the 'Weaver', the creation of musician Johan Weber, is back with a new song entitled 'Whatever Seems Less Wrong', and whilst this doesn't have a video to go alongside it, the track is certainly equal to the previous release in terms of quality. 'Whatever Seems Less Wrong' grabs at our attention from the very beginning with synths blaring a foghorn style warning, before it settles down with beautifully written melodic phras

'DSP Band' - with track 'Easy Going Guy'

We'll change the style of music slightly now with a few words about country influenced outfit 'DSP Band', who hail from Kvalsund in the far Northern reaches of Norway and who write country, americana and blues influenced music. 'Down South Pepper Band', to give them their full title, have been around for a while, and as often is the case with this style of music, it's not just the easy going melodies which are the attraction here, it's actually the lyrics which are really worthy of attention. 'Easy Going Guy' was originally released a while back and it creates these lovely images of characters in a family - the oil executive brother who has money but never seems to smile, the uptown girl si

Live at Tapetown: 'ONBC' perform 'Copenhagen'

We've featured a few of the 'Live At Tapetown' series and in the latest release we're fortunate enough to be offered a performance by a band whom we've featured a few times in Nordic Music Review, and whom were responsible for one of our 'Favourite Albums of 2017' (details are still up on our website). 'ONBC' are the band, the album I refer to was the excellent 'Travelmate', and this latest live session performance is an intense 6 minute version of their track 'Copenhagen' - coincidentally just a day after we wrote about 'The Oceans' and their 'Love of Copenhagen'. Anyway we're clearly big advocates of 'ONBC,' and hopefully everyone will see why in this stunning performance, which mixes pas

Introducing... 'The Oceans' with track 'My Copenhagen Love'

Time for another introduction and this time we head back to Denmark for a band who might not exactly pass our 'googlability' test for new band names, but just make such a great noise that we wanted to write about them anyway. So 'The Oceans' are from Copenhagen, and they're based around 2 multi-instrumentalists Dan Joe and Linus Valdemar who's approach is to simply blast us into submission with guitars, melodies and more guitars - an approach we very much like at Nordic Music Review.. They have 3 tracks that you'll be able to find on streaming services, and they're all pretty good listens, but the best is undoubtedly 'My Copenhagen Love', which probably sums up so much about the band - a vi

Sunday Non Nordic Indie: 'World's End Girlfriend - video 'Plein Soleil'

Every Sunday I try and quickly throw in a selection from somewhere else on our planet, and today we head to Japan. The name ‘World End’s Girlfriend’ has appeared a few times when I've read about music from Japan, so maybe a few of you have come across this project before, but to me it's still relatively new. Behind 'World End’s Girlfriend’ is the Japanese musician 'Katsuhiko Madea', and I love this because it fuses together classical, rock and maybe some Japanese influences too. Listen, watch and enjoy his track ‘Plein Soleil: Find out more at: #SundayNonNordicIndie #postrock

Introducing... Synnora with 'Business' (from her album 'Nordic Love Songs'

Unfortunately there's only time for 1 quick feature this morning (we'll try and have a 'bumper' edition tomorrow to make up for it...), and after yesterdays barrage of 'commercial' sounds we wanted to contrast that with a true 'indie' artist who's just released her debut album. 'Synnora' is a Norwegian singer-songwriter who writes, records, produces and releases all her work on her own label, and her debut album is entitled 'Nordic Love Songs', with the highlight to me being the charming song 'Business'. Now this is another track that almost escaped me during the most torrid of backlogs, but I'd dropped the song onto a playlist and 2-3 months on it's really continued to grow on me. 'Synnora'

'Say Lou Lou' - new single 'Ana'

If truth be told we almost missed the new 'Say Lou Lou' track 'Ana' because of our normal organisational incompetence. But thankfully it was spotted just in time, and thank goodness we did, because I think everyone will really like it. 'Say Lou Lou' are a band we haven't had chance to feature before, they're an Australian / Swedish duo who've been around for a few years, and they were featured on the 'BBC Sound of 2014' longlist. But if they didn't have my attention previously, they certainly do now, as 'Ana' is an ice cool song, stylish, quirky and all underpinned by this cinematic instrumental backdrop - James Bond style sweeping strings from the 70's, with an almost sinister feel. And the

'Bellhouse' - new single 'Mess'

After featuring 2 tracks yesterday with classical influences, our two features today cover music that is far more 'mainstream'. If truth be told we get sent (and come across) a huge selection of 'commercial' style releases, and we write about very little simply because that's not quite our 'audience', but 'Bellhouse' (aka Emma-Lee Andersson) from Sweden is no ordinary commercial artist, and her music stands slightly leftfield from everyone else. A trained truck driver, 'wannabe' criminologist, her talents as a singer songwriter are clear, she's a multi-instrumentalist (drums, guitar, piano) for starters, and she writes natural sounding pop songs that suit her vocal style perfectly - never ha

'Frederik Magle' - "The Fairest of Roses' for two trumpets and organ' ('Den

To contrast with that simple but charming piano piece, our second classical relesase today is by Danish composer 'Frederik Magle', possibly the most 'established' of classical style composers we've written about given that he has had compositions performed all over the world, with commissions from the Danish Royal Family to performances of his work by none other than the London Philharmonic Orchestra. But he has also collaborated with fellow musicians from different genres, including the hip hop group 'Suspekt'. A few months ago he released ''The Fairest of Roses' for two trumpets and organ', ('Den yndigste rose!', based on a Danish hymn) and I wanted to feature this because the performance

Introducing... 'LUCHS' and 'Her Eyes the Stars'

We have 2 classically influenced compositions / tracks to offer you today and both are from artists that we've not featured before. We're starting off in Sweden with LUCHS, and behind this name is the musician (and actor) Patrik Berg Almkvisth, who has just released a live video performance of his track 'Her Eyes The Stars', which was first released last year. Almkvisth was brought up in a very musical family and one of his earliest memories is falling asleep under the grand piano in the church that his father played. He went on to study at Stockholm Royal College of Music before pursuing acting, something he seems to have been pretty successful at given he has voiced over parts for Disney

'Rythmatik' - new track 'Brick Thief'

We have 2 classically influenced releases to consider tonight / tomorrow, but before we get to those we have an update on another band whom we've featured before at Nordic Music Review - this time it's 'Rythmatik' from Iceland. We first wrote about this band some 18 months ago when they released their 'Waves' EP, and since the band have continued to develop their reputation as an excellent proposition live. Previously winners of he prestigious 'Iceland 'Battle of the Bands - Músíktilraunir', they've also been working on their debut album, entitled 'Grin & Panic' and which is due for release on July 27th. I've always liked the 'Rythmatik' sound, it has a traditional blues rock feel to it, and

'Lac Belot' - new track 'Cry Baby'

We'll start the week by heading in the direction of an artist who's quickly becoming an 'old favourite' in Nordic Music Review, even though he's still only released a handful of tracks and a couple of months away from his debut album. 'Lac Belot' is the project of Finnish musician Jarno Takkumäki, and regular readers will remember that we featured him fairly recently after his release of 'D'N'A', seemingly years after we first wrote about his lovely debut track 'Elizabeth'. And it's clear that he's used the time away to good effect, because his songwriting has matured even further, and his new releases are full blown weighty compositions with complex string arrangements thrown into the mix

Non Nordic Sunday - 'Punčke' with track 'Pies'

There's just time to throw in our Non Nordic track of the week, and this is a really good one from Croaita - maybe appropriate given their fantastic run to the World Cup Final. 'Punčke' are a trio from Vinkovci who were formed by best friends Lucija and Ruby, and they've made a pretty good impression, with gigs across Europe - although sadly they've never quite made it to the UK. Just take a listen to their track 'Pies' - the explosion in guitar sound is just marvellous: Check out their latest EP 'Valovi' at

'Pelicat' - new single, 'Down At The Arcade'

As someone once said, it is 'all about the tunes', and today's write up is on a band who really do have the ability to write a good timeless melody. 'Pelicat' are a Norwegian band who released an EP back in 2015 entitled 'Pelicans and Rainbows' and they've released a couple of new tracks this year in advance of a debut album. The new song is 'Down At The Arcade' and in many ways it's a straightforward pop song, launching straight into the vocals playing out the melody, it has a melancholy but also anthemic feel to it - I can easily visualise the song being sung by a few thousand people in a big open festival. The strings add a warmth to the sound, and the keyboard arpeggio section works real


We're delighted to be able to tell you of a magnificent series of UK dates from none other than the extraordinary Major Parkinson. The alternative rock band from Bergen will be bringing their full 7 piece line-up for their first ever UK performances. The full tour, with ticket details, is as follows: Wednesday 26th September: Birmingham, Hare & Hounds: Thursday 27th September: Bristol, Exchange: Friday 28th September: London, Water Rats (almost SOLD OUT) https://www.see

Introducing.... 'Nothing But Sunshine' with track 'Colour in a Nightmare'

So we continue our introductions (a few days late sorry) to new Indie Bands from across the Nordic countries, and we'll head to Finland next for the next one. 'Nothing But Sunshine' are a 4 piece Helsinki based band who bring together big sweeping guitars and a dark melancholy undercurrent. And although sometimes when we introduce you to bands they've often been around for a few years, 'Nothing But Sunshine' are a really new project - their debut single only being released in the last couple of weeks. Colour in a Nightmare is that debut track, and it's a pretty weighty release too - over 5 minutes of music that opens with a barrage of sound, before swirling guitars and vocals carry the track

'Omotrack' - new single 'Way Home'

We've neglected Iceland of late, so maybe we'll spend a week catching up on stuff we might have missed, but in the meantime here's another new band we haven't featured before - and with a really interesting indie pop / electro sound to them which I think offers something different to similar style bands we've come across. 'Omotrack' might now be Iceland based, but the 2 brothers behind the band, Markús and Birkir, were brought up in 'Omorate', a small town in Ethiopia close to the Kenyan border, and on the banks of the River Omo - and that is how the band derived their name. They released an album back in 2016 and they have another one on their way entitled 'Wild Contrast' - which clearly r

'Lightwave Empire' - new track 'Close to the Sun'

Well that was all a bit stressful and exhausting last night wasn't it? Thankfully we now have 3 days off to recover from Glenn Hoddle's football summarising on the TV and can concentrate on a bundle of new music. Over the next 2 days we'll introduce you to 5 bands that we haven't featured before (one from each of the Nordic countries), and we'll start off with 'Lightwave Empire', a Danish indie pop band who's name I spotted when they first played at the Roskilde Music festival a couple of years ago. They certainly turned a few heads when they first released their single 'Pleasure and Pain' back in 2016, and singer and multi-instrumentalist Bjarke Niemann (also composer and formally of the

Introducing... 'ViVii' with track 'Savant' (live)

We've covered a band (Beezewax) who've been existence for years, so here is a real contrast with a newer Swedish project, and whilst the heart of their music are beautiful melodies, their style is based around dreamy soundscapes and gorgeous vocals rather than an indie guitar sound. So 'ViVii' are a trio based around 'Emil' and 'Caroline Jonsson' and they introduced themselves by releasing a single 'Siv (You and I)', touchingly written on the zither that the babysitter of their children had given it them before she passed away. But actually it's the more recent performance of their track 'Savant', which has really captured my imagination. Recorded and filmed live in a studio, this is such

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