Introducing 'Good Omens'...with single 'Silent Spring'

We normally get nice feedback when we introduce Folk Pop artists from the Nordic region, so we're delighted to introduce you all to a Finnish based band who have been around for a while, but will have escaped most peoples attention, especially here in the UK. 'Good Omens' were formed back in 2012, and released an album entitled 'By Open Plain' in 2014, which you can find if you look hard enough on streaming services. However they've been recording new tracks over the last 2 years, and are now set to release a new album entitled 'All The Moving Parts'. I've really enjoyed listening to this band, as they have a really uplifting approach to songwriting, their songs are positive, and you'll feel

'Baula' return with new single... 'Nova'

Regular readers will note that there's a few bands we've promised to review but haven't quite got around to writing about yet.... apologies for a quiet August, September is going to be the busiest month ever - and we will catch up on as much as possible. In the meantime here's yet another great single from one of our favourite 'new' bands, 'Baula', who we first wrote about in May 2016 when they released their debut 'Don't Bother' and then followed up in January this year when they released 'Just Like Yesterday'. Their new single is called 'Nova', but the release has reminded me to go back and listen to their 2 previous singles too, and I'd really recommend you download all 3 and make a mini-

Introducing 'Blod' with single 'Som Kristall'

I really don't think things can get much better than that fantastic EP release we reviewed from 'Ceasetone' last week, but the standard of new band submissions hitting our Inbox recently has been pretty impressive too. 'Blod' are a quartet from Sweden, and their debut single 'Som Kristall' was released through Louvaio Records a couple of weeks ago. This instantly made an impression, as this quartet simply make a great noise, and they are certainly a name to really look out for. To compare them with bands we've previously featured, they probably fit in with outfits such as 'vvhales', or maybe one of the excellent Finnish bands on the Soliti label. They've been described as 'sad choir-shoega

CeaseTone - 'Stranded' EP

We have so many reviews to write up this week, but if truth be told our heads have been turned away from listening to the lovely set of new music submissions we've been sent and new releases we’ve stumbled across. No, its not the new Major Parkinson album (not quite yet anyway…), but an EP release from our 2016 Album of the Year recipients CeaseTone. The Icelandic band, masterminded by Hafsteinn Þráinsson have released a short set of contemplative personal songs that are somewhat different to their ‘Two Strangers’ release, but still have a mesmerizing power and subtlety, and which we just know you’ll all love. ‘Intro’ may just be an Intro, but it utilises further the strings we saw in ‘Two S

Introducing.... WeKings with single 'Echoes'

We're back from our summer vacation with a whole stream of new releases to write about, and not forgetting that there's a massive drop of new albums due in September - including none other than Major Parkinson, which is particularly exciting. In the meantime we're delighted to introduce you to 3 new bands / artists this week, starting with a Scandinavian band based in Berlin, 'WeKings'. Their debut single is 'Echoes', and it is a mightily impressive release, an intense anthemic pop song which is set out on an epic scale, yet the vocals are able to maintain a personal and melancholy quality, I think the whole effect works really well. This is music written from the soul and from the heart,

Off Vacation...

Back soon with new music from WeKings, Blod, Verandan, Good Omens, and hopefully a Mammút album review too...

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