Catch the Breeze - 'Fields of Sunrise' single and video (from new album 'Glow')

Before we head off for our epic Easter journey armed with about 5 albums we may or may not write reviews on (although Stine Stjern is a definite), we have 2 new releases to tell you about. 'Catch the Breeze' are from Denmark, and they're a trio from Aarhus and Copenhagen who write melodic indie rock which at times soars towards blissful post rock, with an intensity that never eases and an eye for a good tune throughout. The trio were formed back in 2014, formed out of the back of dream / indie rock band 'Yellowish' which were originally started in the 1990's, and have a couple of albums to their name, and certainly one of them at least ('Solid Ground') can be found on streaming services beca

Introducing.... Ben Leiper with 3 debut tracks

We do have a couple of album reviews pending, but our second introduction today comes from Norway. Ben Leiper are from Oslo and with band members also in the excellent Youth Pictures of Florence Henderson, Dråpe and others, they have some excellent pedigree which suggests that Ben Leiper could be a really popular addition to the Norwegian indie scene in 2018. Ben Leiper are, quite brilliantly I have to say, named after 'Leiper the Keeper', the part time footballer and hero hospital doctor ('when he's not saving goals, he's saving lives') who featured in the 'This Goalie's Got Guts' storyline in Scoop weekly comic back in the late 1970's. And in they've made their recording release debut with

Introducing... Camilo Beltran with new track 'You and I'

It's been at least a week since we featured anyone located in Bergen, probably the city from which we feature most bands and artists - most recently Kalifornia, Stine Norse, reSouza and we won't even mention the name of our 2017 Album of the Year winners again, because they get way too much coverage on our pages. And in 'Camilo Beltran' we can introduce you to an artist who is in many ways different from the other Bergen artists we've featured, with a softness to the vocals and a wisdom in his lyrics that appears to make him the 'wise old owl' of singer songwriters. Except that he looks pretty young, but you get the point. Anyway Camilo Beltran is part Chilean and part Norwegian, and althoug

Klangriket - new track 'Koltrast'

Somehow when i first listened to 'Klangriket's' short new composition 'Koltrast' I'd got my home speakers on so loud that everyone in the street must have heard the opening chords, but as I established when i listened to his previous release 'The Amsterdam Sessions' (written with Sjors Mans), that's actually the only way to listen to his music, as whilst it is appears simple in design and soft on the ear, it needs to be listened to at a pretty big volume in order to appreciate it's true subtleties. 'Koltrast' is a fragment of music, but therein lies its beauty. It was written by 'Klangriket' as he remembered the birds singing at his grand fathers funeral, and actually having a short composit

Juliah - 'Be Still' EP

We'll start this week with another EP, this time from Swedish songwriter 'Juliah', the name of which ('Be Still') was taken from a headstone that she came across whilst visiting Highgate Cemetery in London. And in many ways it is an appropriate title for music that seems to demand that you put yourself in a calm frame of mind in order to listen to it, or risk the whole effect completely washing over you. So this is Juliah's 2nd EP, which follows on from her debut last year entitled 'Sincerely Yours', and it contains 5 tracks, one of which ('Lover of Mine') some people will have heard as it featured in a video by illustrator Fran Meneses. 'Be Still' opens with 'Sigh of a Breeze' and again the

'In Deed' - single, video and UK dates!!

We've been meaning to do an update on Swedish band 'In Deed' for a couple of weeks now, because shortly after our review of their album 'Everest' which we published in January we heard news of some UK dates. If you missed our review back then, well they're a band who write infectious and irresistible Indie Pop tracks, with big melodies, and their album has a number of highlights which include the 60's influenced 'Don't Need, Don't Care' and the more folk orientated 'Five Times A Day'. Anyway as for those live dates, well there are 3, and they've managed to find themselves some really great little venues. They start off in Manchester on the 28th March with a gig at the Aatma, which is a bril

Tall Blonde - 'Wonderful' EP

Where were we? I can't remember exactly but I do know where we are now, and it seems to involve a huge backlog. Anyway do you remember Tall Blonde?? We featured them towards the end of last year when they released a single entitled 'I will light up the sea', and at the time we told you about the EP 'Wonderful', which was due to be released early this year. Well it's now reached us, and since then the project which started off as a trio ('Frithiof') has finally emerged as a solo project for singer songwriter 'Frithiof Stenvall' under that 'Tall Blonde' moniker. Of course that is often the case as projects are first formed, with musicians establishing a style that they comfortable with, and

Kalifornia - new single 'Dear Diane'

We like to keep varying the styles of music we feature, so if Stíne Norse was a bit too ambient for your liking, we'll try something slightly different, through a more 'traditional' sounding rock band in Norwegian group 'Kalifornia'. So 'Kalifornia' are yet another band from near Bergen, and they first came to prominence in 2016 when they released a 3 track EP entitled 'The Coast', and since then they've been working hard on a longer version follow up, the result of which we'll hear on April 13th when they release the album 'Views from the Coast'. 'Dear Diane' is the new single from the forthcoming album, and I like this simply because of the big melody, and a pretty simple ambition to make

Stíne Norse - 'The Whale' EP

I need you all to do me a favour. I realise our lives are all pretty busy, we rush from one appointment to another, from work to social engagements, family errands, we fill the gaps with social media obsessions and 24 hour news. But we don't ask for much at Nordic Music Review, no subscriptions, no adverts to pollute your vision (erm... yet), but we're asking just for one thing today. Just be still for 16 minutes. Feel free to make yourself a cup of tea (or if it's after 8pm we'll allow you a wine or beer...) but then just sit down, relax and allow yourself to get totally absorbed by the new Stíne Norse EP 'The Whale'. Sometimes it actually horrifies me to think that if I wasn't editing and

Kluster - new single 'Over My Head'

We do like to cover bands that cross over different genres, and have multiple influences in their songwriting, and in Swedish band 'Kluster' we have yet another really good example of a band who approach their music in a really open minded manner. They're a 5 piece band, formed in Malmö back in 2014, and their debut track 'Over My Head' has been getting some great recognition on websites such as the excellent Indie Shuffle. It's easy to see why. 'Over My Head' is unlike anything I've heard in the last few months. It's a complex mix of sounds and rhythms, but it's driven forward at such a pace, and there's still an almost delicate tuneful vocal that sits above the track that's really appeali

Introducing... 'Wall of Ice' with track 'Turn Around'

There's such a stream of talented new musicians releasing material that it's almost impossible to keep up, but we'll try and feature as many as possible, and Norwegian artist 'Wall of Ice' is a really good example of the quality of debut releases we're coming across at the moment. Behind 'Wall of Ice' is musician Sebastian Waldejer, a regular contributor to other artists and bands performances as a session musician, but now launching his own project. His debut track 'Turn Around' pretty much instantly appealed to me, as it's a really interesting blend of electronic and acoustic sounds - it's rare that we feature electronic based music alone, and I really love hearing music that manages to b

Jon Magnusson - 'Always a Rebel' EP

We'll start the week with a write-up of an artist who is truly independent in his approach, and not afraid to write songs with a diverse range of influences. Jon Magnusson is a Swedish based singer songwriter who is not only a music writer but a music blogger too, and he's released a steady stream of singles and EPs over the last couple of years, the latest being his 'Always a Rebel' EP, but actually his 'Psalms for Sinners' EP released at the end of last year is a pretty good place to start if you're new to his music - Ode to a Friend' is just such a good track. 'Always a Rebel' opens with 'Rely on Me', and although his influences are varied, it's probably best to describe his music as fol

'Teddy and The Love Gang' : Kid Forest - Twisted Homes (EP)

We have a Swedish album review almost ready for posting, but in the meantime we'll head to Norway for something completely different, an unusual release by a fairly new Norwegian band called 'Teddy and The Love Gang' - I'm still undecided on whether I think it's a brilliant or terrible name, but at least it's memorable, and easily passes our 'google' test. Anyway today they've released an EP entitled 'Kid Forest - Twisted Homes', which follows the successful release of their debut EP 'The Explorer'. 'Kid Forest - Twisted Homes' is the first in a trilogy of connected EP's due to be released this year, which tells the tale of their invented character 'Kid Forest' and I admire their ambitions i

Natalie Beabella - single ' Cold Winter' (feat Emilia Amper)

We like to feature contrasts in musical styles, so after the blistering guitars from Norways 'Speilbergs' yesterday it feels only right that we should switch momentum completely to an artist from a very different musical background. Natalie Beabella is Argentinian born, moving to Sweden 15 years ago, and the musicians she has working with her are a transatlantic collection of talent and influences. Her new track 'Cold Winter' is a folk ballad that uses 2 traditional folk instruments from across continents - the Swedish keyed fiddle (played by world keyed fiddle champion Emilia Amper) and the Argentinian bandoneon (played by Belen Roman). This track has a fascinating musical texture due to t

Rami Vierula - new single 'Pakko Liikkua'

When 'Delay Trees' decided to call an end to their time as a band we were obviously pretty sad. But one thing we knew for certain was that we'd be sure to hear more from lead vocalist Rami Vierula pretty soon, given that he is the most prolific of songwriters - with a stream of songs in recent years either as Rami Vierula, through the wonderful 23:23 and of course through Delay Trees themselves. It was no surprise therefore to get news of a solo release (the 1st single of his forthcoming album), and I've waited a week or so to write about this, because when i first listened to 'Pakko Likkua' I was in a real rush, and instantly I knew that this was music I needed to get totally absorbed in, w

Spielbergs - 'We Are All Going to Die' single

We're probably not going to write a huge amount on Norwegian band 'Speilbergs' because actually they've been featured on almost every half decent music website (and now an average one too...) in the last couple of weeks, from NME to the excellent Clash Magazine. Their new single, cheerily entitled 'We Are All Going to Die' is the type of song which will have stunned everyone into collective silence, before they frantically started grabbing at their quills to write about what they just heard. So to introduce you, they're a 3-piece indie rock band from Oslo, consisting of Mads Baklien, Stian Brennskag and Christian Løvhaug and they write high intensity guitar music, collectively hurling guitar

Introducing... Den Stora Flykten with single 'Vi Är Int'

If truth be told we've agreed to cover way too much music this week, but it's impossible to say no when the songs we're sent are just so good, so we'll just have to write even more than usual. We'll head back to Sweden next with 'Den Stora Flykten' (translated to 'The Great Escape' if Google is to be believed), a band who have just released their debut single - an infectious track entitled 'Vi Är Int', which lands somewhere between Indie Pop and Indie Rock, maybe with some Post Punk influences too - but who cares about the categorisation, it's just great fun to listen to. So 'Den Stora Flykten' are from Umeå, a place we mentioned really recently as singer songwriter Teodor Holmqvist resides

Filthy Kitsch - One (EP)

We wrote about Filthy Kitsch last year when he released an introductory track, and we're delighted to see that since then the rest of the world has caught on and that he's been getting some pretty fantastic write ups from across the music blogsphere. So, albeit about a month late, we're pleased to be able to write a few words on his EP, entitled 'One' and containing 3 delectable tracks. For those of you who don't remember, Filthy Kitsch is the project for Swedish multi-instrumentalist Joe Shackleton, who after having to pack in his much loved drumming role due to severe joint pain started to write tracks with different instruments and in a different style. The result is the psych-pop 'Filth

Mantaray - 'No More Sirens'

We promised that we would feature far more post rock music this year, and one item on my huge list of untouched tasks is to spend a few hours exploring the interweb trying to identify as many slightly less well known Nordic post rock bands for future features. So maybe a review of the new album 'No More Sirens' by Finnish band 'Mantaray' will help point is in direction of some great new music, and result in a surge of Finnish music submissions too - we can only hope. So 'Mantaray' are a 6 piece band from Jyväskylä in Finland, which is such a beautiful looking city on the Finnish Lakeland in central Finland - I need to find a small musical festival to go to there. They have 2 releases for yo

MALMØ - new video and single 'We Come from the Stars'

We have a simply mammoth collection of albums, singles, videos and UK gig information to write about this week, so please keep checking the site for the latest updates, and we'll start off with Danish band MALMØ. who we first wrote about last March when they released their single 'You'. For those of you who don't remember, MALMØ are based around the singer songwriter Maria Malmo, with a collection of talented musicians around her. Their album had a Danish release last year, and they've had some great airplay and coverage not only back in Denmark, but internationally too - with BBC, Amazing Radio and an International Showcase gig in Switzerland. Over the next few months their sights are set o

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