Sunday Non Nordic Indie: 'Psychotic Villager' - 'All The Money That I Need' (single)

So here's something different to brighten up your Sunday, and it's a track from the Indonesian Indie Folk band 'Psychotic Villager' which popped up in our Inbox a few weeks ago. There are 4 people in the band, but they also rely on instruments such as flute and violin, and 'All The Money That I Need' is their second song, which follows on from their release 'Winter Hymn' in 2017. It's a curious and interesting track, which takes influences from across many centuries of music (Baroque through to cinematic Fantasy music), and there are melodic twists and turns along the way too. Naturally it creates visions of the courts of medieval England, and there's probably progressive musical influences

In Brief: 'Alphie' - 'A Different Kind of Marching Band' (album)

We do always say that we try and find Nordic music both 'new and old', and if we come across an album a few months late we still try and write about it. Norwegian band 'Alphie' released their debut album almost a year ago now, but I'm so pleased to have belatedly given it a listen, because it's complex and just that bit different to anything else I've listened to this year. So this a band who were formed at the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo (although it originated before that in founder Vegard Kvamme Holum's bedroom), and rather wonderfully the band are named after Holum's grampa, Alf Kvamme, who played in 'Marching Bands' throughout his life, where he received His Majesty The King's Me

'Baula' - new EP 'Drought' (In Brief)

So what else have we missed? Well we've featured 'Baula' a couple of times, firstly in May 2016 when they released a delicious single entitled 'Don't Bother', and then a follow up song called 'Nova' which we really liked too. Anyway the good news is that there is now an entire EP of releases from the Swedish / Icelandic duo consisting of Ísak Ásgeirsson and Karolina Thunberg. It's entitled 'Drought', and its a great mix of indie rock and subtle electronica, with 'Thunberg's' vocals particularly appealing. An undoubted highlight for me is the gorgeous title track 'Drought', but I really enjoy it when they open up with more of a psychedelic guitar sound, as they do in 'One Foot in the Grave

'Ghosts on TV' - new single 'End All States' (In Brief)

It's been a while since we featured a good Post Rock band, so here's a pretty cool track from Finnish outfit 'Ghosts on TV'. They've released a few tracks previously (check out their single 'Silo' from last year'), but they've returned now with the brooding and dark 'End All States'. It's a typically atmospheric track, almost entirely instrumental, and I think that's probably the set up that suits them best, and there's a great mix of intense guitar work (from the 3 guitarists) and softer subtle elements, particularly leading up to the introduction of the vocals. This is 'End All States': You can find 'Ghosts on TV' on Facebook. #finland #postrock

'The Sleeplings' - 'Four Hens Down' (single / video)

So a couple of years back we wrote a glowing review of Danish band 'The Sleeplings' debut album, which was entitled 'Elusive Lights of the Long-Forgotten' and therefore gave it away as the type of curious prog-influenced album that we like at Nordic Music Review. It even made it on to our Albums of the Year list I believe, and fully deserved that was too. Anyway they're back, and their new single and video is rather brilliant. Entitled 'Four Hens Down', it's a thumping song from the trio with a huge guitar riff as it's centrepiece, dark melodic vocals and an enjoyable leftfield section half way through that takes the song wandering away into the wilderness somewhere. I do like 'The Sleepli

'Amini' - new single 'Lost'

So we're back, with exactly 1500 emails to work through (sorry everyone...) and a simply huge backlog of albums to listen to. But listening and writing about music is way better than having to put up with wall to wall news coverage of a psychopathic narcissist, who's only redeeming feature is that his skin colour matches that of the orange prison jumpsuit he'll finally get to wear when his criminal mobster empire comes crashing down around him. And we'll get things restarted with one of our 'old' favourites, and it's a hugely welcome return for Norwegian duo (but partly UK based) 'Amini', who we've featured a few times previously, and whom released a new single entitled 'Lost' last Friday. I

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